Healing properties of green tea


Healing properties of green tea known to mankind since ancient times. In the East, where many centuries taste preferences were on the side of green tea, believed that the tea party is not only fun, but the most direct and shortest route to healing. According to Japanese tradition of drinking tea is the path to harmony and emotional balance, besides tea purifies the blood, regulates the digestive tract, invigorates the body and causes the muscles of the body to tone. Already in ancient times, scientists knew several dozen medicinal properties of tea, among which the fight against excess weight, neutralization of toxins and even poisons, strengthening

tooth enamel.

The main advantage of any, including, of course, and green tea lies in its ability to synthesize rare in nature, nutrients and releasing them later in the tea infusion. The tea Bush during growth and synthesizes takes out of the soil on which grows a wide variety and it is quite rare substances beneficial to the human body. Collecting this valuable bouquet” tea generously of accumulated substances while its brewing. This is due to the healing properties of tea. So we have every reason to look at green tea as a miracle of nature.

Its astringent and tart taste tea is obliged tanning substances, tannins and catechins. Unique and specific flavor tea infusion give essential oils in the tea leaves. Tannins, particularly catechins, increase elasticity of blood vessel walls, thereby reducing their fragility and permeability. These medicinal properties of tea are particularly important, for example, in the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. In tea also found a huge amount of vitamins. Tea extract contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C, Pantothenic acid, P, PP, K and various micronutrients. Fresh tea leaves (which, incidentally, can also be eaten) contain four times more ascorbic acid than citrus juice.

More recently, many researchers have stated that antioxidants (catechins) more precisely in the infusion of green tea, which is more popular in Asia. Accordingly, the traditional black tea is consumed mostly by Europeans, the content of antioxidants significantly loses green. Today it is known that black tea also has other antioxidants, in addition to catechins, which are able to provide no less effective protection in the fight against aging and free radicals. Actually both black and green tea, and Oolong — all three types of real leaf tea is equally rich in antioxidants, although their composition varies from tea to tea. And actually black tea – it’s all the same green tea leaves, dried and subjected to heat, which changes the flavor and color, Oolong tea partially dried, subjected to heating. There isn’t much difference and what is better to drink tea: hot or cold iced tea, so popular now in the summer, no worse and no poorer in nutrients than tea hot or warm.

The healing properties of tea popular in the treatment and prevention of various diseases. So, for ailments of the cardiovascular system is the use of tea (weak) has calming effect, since it expands the blood vessels and eliminates spasms than facilitates the circulation and normalizes blood pressure. In patients with hypertension catechins contained in green tea help fight headaches and relieve tinnitus. Tannins tea Wellness for the intestines, tying in it undesirable for the body products of metabolism.

Medicine also known property of tea to positively affect the kidneys. Green tea has a slight diuretic effect, it will not even contraindicated in acute, chronic nephritis, including the manifestation of renal failure. Also known positive effect of tea on patients with diseases of the respiratory system. Tea stimulates cell metabolism in the respiratory tract, is an effective diaphoretic, and stimulant for a variety of respiratory diseases of the respiratory organs. More tea contains a lot of fluoride, and therefore it can be called a means of protecting teeth from caries. General tonic action of any tea due to its caffeine and theobromine. The best varieties contain up to 4%.

The accumulated centuries of knowledge on the effects of tea on the human body and about the healing properties of tea varieties allow you to safely use the tea as a health tool available to everyone. Because the core value of tea lies in the fact that its use provides comprehensive healing effect on almost all organs of our body, it has beneficial effects on metabolism in our body on a whole, fulfilling the role of a regulator of metabolic processes. In other words, he is able not only to assist in the treatment of disease but also to prevent their development. The availability of this drink and its different varieties make tea a universal healing tool. There is no need to make tea for any health scheme or in a specified time.

For example, just eating in the morning is not coffee, and green tea, we can provide our body with an invaluable service. First of all, warm tea thins the thickened blood, cleansing blood vessels.

Acidified tea can cleanse the intestines of toxins. Acidified tea is best natural Apple cider vinegar or a slice of lemon in a glass of water. Use instead of sugar tablespoon of honey not only enriches the tea drink with vitamins and minerals, but also triggers the body’s mechanism of self-purification.

Consumption of green tea is not only tradition, but also enjoyable, relaxation, positive impact on the work of the body.

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