How to make at home hot chocolate

What could be better on a cold winter night than to sit in a comfortable chair and watch a movie with a Cup of hot chocolate? This award-winning drink will fill you with vivacity and energy, and will help you keep warm.

Recipe 1

Ingredients (for 2 servings)

Fat milk and fifty milliliters.

Dark chocolate without any fillers or two hundred grams (2 tiles).


Perfectionists can say that the chocolate at home and need to cook in a water bath. And anyway, you cannot use chocolate bars, and cook, as in coffee shops – from the cocoa bean. But if you can’t find them, or did they end? Do not worry, buy a good chocolate – not only save.

Do not unzip the chocolate, break it. Heat the milk to fifty degrees. After that, pour a little chocolate and simultaneously stir. Interfere with need until the chocolate melts, but do not boil.

If you want that chocolate retains its temperature, then pour it over the ceramic cups that have thick walls. If you want to admire the color – suitable glass goblets. And froth can make cappuccino from the coffee machine.

The drink is quite sweet and rich, in this case it is necessary to pour a Cup of water. This will help reveal the taste of the prepared drink and fun to drink it.

Recipe 2


Potato starch – two to three tablespoons (without top).

Sugar – one or two tablespoons.

Milk or dark chocolate – two hundred grams.

Milk – one liter.


In one glass of milk dissolve the starch. The milk that is left, pour into a saucepan, place over medium heat and then add the chocolate and sugar. Heat until the chocolate dissolves. Then add the cornstarch and milk, mix thoroughly and heat until the mixture starts to thicken. Remove from heat and serve hot.

Chocolate French

Chocolate Viennese

The beginning is the same as in the French recipe, but you should add two or three fresh yolk, mix this well, put on the burner with a small flame and wait until the mixture thickens, only do not wait to boil. After that hot, pour into cups and add one tablespoon of the creme fraiche” (like homemade thick cream, can it and replace it).

Creamy hot chocolate


Cream one half Cup.

Vanilla extract – three-fourths of a teaspoon.

Milk – three and one-half cups.

Boiling water – a third of a Cup.

Salt – one pinch.

Sugar three-fourths Cup.

Unsweetened cocoa powder – one third of the glass.


In a pot sprinkle a pinch of salt, sugar, cocoa. While stirring, pour in the boiling water. Stirring, bring to the boil (this will take about two minutes), it is important to look not to burn. Add three and one-half cups of milk and heat, but not boiling. Remove from heat and pour the vanilla. All divide into four cups, add the cream before serving and a little cool.


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