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How to make coffee at home – this question will certainly arise before any person, pierced and appreciate the many virtues of this magical drink. And in this article we will try to give You if not a complete answer to this question (because the coffee actually can talk for hours), then at least to give You a fair idea about the “magical process” and share some exotic recipes.

First of all, you need one clarification – in a further story about how to make coffee, it would be only natural (that is, coffee beans).

Detail how to properly prepare instant coffee, does not make sense.

So, the natural coffee recipes are some of my well-known secrets that you must follow to get a drink did not disappoint You with its taste and aroma.

First, the coffee beans should not only be Your preferred varieties, but also freshly roasted. The less time has passed since roasting, the more vivid gustatory qualities will have the end result of making coffee. Best solution is to do it yourself or to buy coffee at a special selling points.

Secondly, pay special attention to the quality of grinding coffee beans, which is clearly consistent with the chosen method of preparation of coffee (the coffee pot or coffee) on all parameters. Ground coffee aroma evaporates quickly, so making large reserves of ground coffee is not really reasonable.

Third, pay attention to the quality of water and its temperature, which should not exceed the boiling point. Remember – the rules of preparing coffee require that it not brewed, and brewed. After the coffee is not worth to delay his filing to the table, so as to reheat already cooked – the courses not only from the point of view of ethics, but also of the drink’s taste.

So, how to properly brew coffee at home? There are several ways of pursuing the same goal (to maximize transfer into a solution of aromatic, taste and useful properties of coffee beans), but implement it in different ways and with different efficiency.

The easiest way for avid coffee lover – buying espresso machines . It for a few seconds will provide grain milling, dosing and compaction of the powder, brewed coffee and will issue what is called on-mountain a Cup of delicious aromatic espresso with brown air foam.

Before the advent of espresso machines fans of this drink used coffee geyser . which are now widely used in many kitchens. The special design of the coffee pot, consisting of two svenciausios vessels, involves the pouring of water in the bottom of them and falling asleep medium ground coffee in the filter top. Heated on a network or on an open fire, the water is forced through the layer of coffee in the upper vessel. But due to the temperature of 100° C, the end result of cooking is precipise drink that several negatively affects the flavor and aroma of espresso compared to that cooked in a coffee machine.

Cooking coffee Turkish and requires enormous skills of this case, as the real masters are preparing coffee on an open fire, and on the hot sand. But we will talk about how to prepare coffee in Turku at home. Heavily roasted coffee beans need to carefully grind and add to Turku with boiling water (ratio – 4 teaspoons of the mixture in a quart of water), carefully place and again put on the fire until boiling. As soon as light bubbles on the edge of the Turks, remove from heat and repeat a couple more times, then giving to infuse. Serving Turkish coffee in small cups laced with brandy and with Oriental sweets.

One of the most convenient and easy options among household making coffee is the use of today’s popular French press (piston machine), invented in the 20-ies of the last century. How to make coffee in this fixture? Covered in a warm coffee pot coarsely ground mixture pour prokopeva water at a temperature of 90 to 95°C and then insist for five minutes. Before you pour the coffee into cups, a thick, is separated from the extract using a strainer, drop by pressing on the piston. It is worth noting that both the Turk and the French press is ideal for independently creating their own coffee blends and brewing flavored coffee. Furthermore, the French press can serve and tea – thus, his presence in the house is a versatile option for fans of both the world’s most popular beverages.

Another quite practical answer to the question how to make coffee – an electric stove with a filter . Boiling water is passed through a filter with a layer of coffee powder, the resulting drink slowly drips into the Cup.

Now it is necessary to acquaint readers with the most popular among coffee drinkers around the world recipes this drink at home.

Arabian coffee begins with heating of sugar sprinkled on the bottom of the pot. When reaching the brown sugar is added to water and the solution brought to the boil. After boiling in water add finely ground coffee, then bring to a boil again a couple of times. Arabian coffee is often served with cinnamon.

Coffee in Sicilian it is cooked as classic Turkish, it only add natural lemon juice, and served in small bronze cups, and glasses after a certain cooling.

Viennese coffee – a real temptation and a feast for the sweet tooth. In a Cup of black coffee ready placed with vanilla whipped cream and sugar, then – grated chocolate.

Romanian-style coffee is prepared by pouring hot water mixture of coffee, sugar and powdered sugar followed by bringing the solution to boiling.

There are quite exotic and unusual in the view of the majority of gourmet coffee recipes. For example, “Dimana” – a mixture of strong coffee and black tea in equal proportions. Served with sugar or without.

Coffee evanski is prepared from a mixture of coffee grinding and cocoa powder in equal proportions. After the spill cups in each add a little cream.

With such similar recipe Mexican coffee . characterized by a lower content of cocoa drink and substitute heavy cream for whipped egg yolk.

Italian coffee is prepared by diluting the powder with water and milk, followed by boiling this solution and pouring it directly into the Cup.

In addition to these ingredients, recipes coffees from different Nations often include as components of wine, rum, brandy, Irish whiskey, ice, ice cream, orange juice, fruit, ginger and other spices.


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