Lavender – healing properties


Since ancient times lavender was famous not only for its flavor and medicinal properties. Inherent in the flower rich aroma and tart taste with bitterness, makes it indispensable in the food industry for flavoring sugar, honey, pastries, salt.

The therapeutic properties of lavender

A wide range of lavender allows its use for the manufacture of cosmetics, Soaps, fresheners, perfumes. And healing qualities will help solve many health problems.

Thanks to the useful properties of lavender, you can:

to improve blood circulation;

lead to normal menstrual cycle;

to establish the gastrointestinal tract;

to raise the immune system;

to normalize the ducts of the gallbladder.

Daily consumption of crushed dried flowers of this plant will help to increase appetite and lead to normal acidity.

The herb lavender has healing properties:

well lowers the temperature;

promotes healing of wounds;

quickly relieves pain;

removes inflammatory process;

restores strength.

The prepared infusion of this plant promotes rapid healing for colds. And added to bath water, to help relax.

Lavender helps in the treatment of many diseases:

aching headache;

chronic cystitis;



increased pressure ;

inflammation of the lungs;

sleep disorders.

Properties of lavender essential oil

Considering all the beneficial properties, lavender essential oil is used both for cosmetic purposes and for medicinal. It is recommended in the treatment of even serious diseases:

skin burns;

gangrene of the extremities;


fungal infections of the skin.

Properties of lavender essential oil will help get rid of itching in the bite of the insect. This requires some drops to put on the sore spot. The antibacterial properties of lavender will help to cure acne, if daily wash with warm water and add three drops of essential oil.

Modern pharmaceutical companies to enhance the properties of lavender, add in oil, linalool, minalrestat, camphor, pinene, cineol, terpineol and other components. These components will help to prolong its shelf life.

A few drops of lavender essential oil for its healing properties will save you from:


migraines ;

premenstrual syndrome;



Despite the fact that lavender oil has many useful properties, before applying it you should test for allergies by placing a few drops on your wrist. If in twenty minutes, no redness, the lavender oil can be used.

The therapeutic properties of lavender tea

To prepare different drinks, use the dried flowers of this plant. Even if you cook them tea, the beneficial properties of lavender will not be lost.

For self-billet tea infuser need:

Early in the morning to gather flowers of lavender.

To carefully separate the florets from the stems.

Put in a dark place until dry.

Avoid direct sunlight, so that the grass has not lost its color.

To prepare a classic recipe of tea from lavender should:

Take one teaspoon of dried lavender blossoms.

Pour one Cup of boiling water.

Let stand for three minutes.

Sedation tea from lavender endowed with many healing properties and promotes:

reduce stress;

improve emotional background;

getting rid of depressive disorders.

Considering all the beneficial properties of tea with lavender, it is not recommended to use:


lactating women;

in the first week after abortion;

children up to three years.

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