Ginger for weight loss.


Many spices and seasonings came to us from the East. Diverse in flavor, taste, and smell, they make our kitchen more rich and refined. One of these spices – ginger, which traces its history from Western India and South-East Asia.

This perennial plant belongs to the ginger family. It is grown widely in warm climates for medicinal and culinary purposes.

Ginger is also called the “horned root”, and this is no accident. Branched rhizomes and shoots do look like horns. Depending on the degree of processing of the root distinguish black and white ginger. Black is more pungent and tart, because he undergoes little processing, and the white is more gentle, he is subjected to a more thorough treatment. Fracture ginger is white. However, the older the root, the yellower it will cut.

Chemical composition of ginger

Of nutrients in the ginger most carbohydrates, mineral magnesium, phosphorus and calcium and vitamins leads ascorbic acid.

The characteristic tartness of ginger felt thanks to essential oils. It is mainly found in the rhizome. Scorching ginger gives gingerol – penelopides substance. Ginger also boasts a rich composition of essential amino acids, which are presented here almost in full spectrum.

Benefits of ginger for weight loss

The benefit of ginger is hard to exaggerate, because it is used for many diseases. In addition, he has excellent taste properties. This combination makes it even more valuable.

In folk medicine, ginger is used for pain relief, reduce inflammation, to heal, as a diaphoretic, carminative, cholagogue, and as a tonic and antibacterial. As you can see, very wide range of applications. In addition, ginger is applied as a means for weight loss. Healers opened his property to stir the blood”, as they say Oriental doctors. That is, any remedy ginger accelerates metabolic processes in the body, extracting from the cells of toxins and excess water. And he’s very good for the digestive system, helping to digest food. Thus it helps the body to form new toxins. Undoubtedly valuable for weight loss laxative property of ginger, but for the overall health benefits from its ability to rid the body of cholesterol.

For example, if before meals take one remedy, the food is easily digested and the body will appear the extra toxins. Recipe tools is as follows: 1H.l. ginger (grate on a fine grater), 2-3 drops of lemon juice, a little salt, mix and eat, not drinking.

Contraindications for the use of ginger for weight loss

Because ginger has strong effect on the body, not all and not always possible to apply it even in cooking. First, it is impossible to be fond of ginger by pregnant women and nursing mothers, and patients with various ulcers of the digestive system, chronic diseases of the digestive tract and colitis.

Even in healthy people, too much ginger can cause negative reactions: allergies, vomiting and nausea. When these symptoms from the ginger should be abandoned.

Ginger for weight loss. Ginger drink for weight loss

Of course, you can just ginger flavoring meals and considered that the benefit of this is. However, we know that any action is useful in the system, so let’s try to use the surest way to lose weight with ginger – drinks on its basis. They are tasty, refreshing and very useful for the entire body. Using these drinks as dispersed all internal processes, speeds up metabolism, thereby releasing the cells from excess fat and toxins.

The rules for the use of ginger for weight loss

These beverages should be consumed 3 times a day or at least morning and evening. Thus in the body opens the cycle, prompting the body to be cleansed. Before proceeding to the preparation of drinks, learn the rules of their application.

After a course of reception of tea for weight loss sometimes brew ginger to the body “remembered” him – then he’ll go back to work faster.

Ginger can be used continuously, brewing a small piece with your regular tea. Well in this tea to put a lemon wedge, but not more, because the taste of the tea will be too sharp.

If you like tea with honey – don’t put it in your hot water to not lose their useful properties. Dilute the honey in already cooled tea or eat with a spoon.

Late in the evening to drink ginger tea should not – can not sleep due its invigorating properties. Generally to good effect, you can drink 2 litres of tea a day, but it is advisable to do not in the evening.

With regard to the amount of ginger for healthy drink enough 4cm root in a two-liter thermos with boiling water. Thus cutting the need ginger as thin as possible, and the tea after brewing definitely strain. Best morning brew ginger tea in a large thermos, and then during the day to drink it with different additives. To drink better in small cups. If you drink before eating – hunger will be much less, consequently less will be the amount of food eaten.

If you like herbal teas, don’t forget to add in the teapot piece of ginger. It has the property to increase the effects of other herbs, so the benefits will be double.

The most effective diet is recognized as ginger tea with garlic. Many are not afraid of even the prospect of a bad smell. Although many of the issues not notice, since ginger drowns out the smell of garlic. And if still seizing this tea with a slice of lemon – fresh breath guaranteed.

So, let’s see the recipes of the drinks and dishes with ginger slimming .

Ginger drink for weight loss: recipes and cooking

Slimming tea with ginger and garlic

Water – 2 liters;

Ginger – 4cm;

Garlic – 2 cloves.

Slimming tea with ginger and orange

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