How to make ice cream at home

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Today is a very popular treat is ice cream. Although widespread popularity acquired it recently, even the ancient Egyptians had a weakness for this treat. Although the fridges in shops crammed to the brim of the finished dish, to make homemade ice cream is not so difficult.

The main advantage of homemade dishes — you know, what products were used in the cooking process. Yes and make diet ice cream at home is quite easy, just freeze fruit puree.

In order to make ice cream at home, you’ll need high-quality dairy: fresh milk, yoghurt, cream or condensed milk. Then at your discretion you can choose any additives such as fruit, nuts, dried fruits, honey, berries, cocoa, coffee, chocolate and others.

To make ice cream from milk is truly delicious and memorable, you have to learn how to cook «English cream». It is quick and simple in comparison to store-bought ice cream will be more low-calorie.

You will need to boil one liter of fresh milk with a hundred grams of sugar and boil until complete dissolution of crystals. Then beat five or six yolks and gradually introduce them in a little cold milk with sugar. Put on fire and leading the mixture to a boil.

When the English cream has thickened, pour it into molds and put in the freezer. To make homemade ice cream in a similar way like the store you will fail, but with frequent stirring (approximately every forty minutes — one hour) freezing of the mixture, you will be able to obtain a homogeneous product without ice.

However, to make ice cream from milk is really tasty you can only with the help of a little kitchen helper — ice cream freezer. This unit is able to stir your ice cream while you’re busy with your chores.

But if you have such a device, yet traditional freezing in the freezer to make milk ice cream . or fruity, just a few hours.

Traditional recipes how to make ice cream at home say that you need cream and few more ingredients to get delicious treats.

Prescription cheap ice cream

You will need:

three cups of cream

one Cup of sugar

three chicken eggs


Pour the cream into a large enough saucepan and put them to bask. During this time, separate the yolks from the whites and gently blend them. Then add in the egg yolks gradually the sugar and vanilla. Again a good blend.

During this time the cream is boiling, and you them carefully poured a thin stream into the egg yolks with the sugar. Thoroughly knead the ingredients until a homogeneous dense mass and put all on the fire.

When your future ice cream will become thick, remove from heat and let mixture cool. Then divide the ice cream into chunks and place in the freezer (if you have ice cream maker pour into it). Do not forget to constantly carefully mix your ice cream every hour to avoid crystallization of the liquid.

Serve watering can with any fruit syrup. To make homemade ice cream more intense in taste and unusual will help a variety of fruits, added to the yolks at the stage of whipping. So you can vary the dish with one banana or a dozen strawberries.

The following recipe shows you how to make ice cream at home is lower in calories, but no less tasty. The basis of this dish will become a regular milk, which contains much less calories than cream.

How to make milk ice cream

You will need:

two glasses of milk

one Cup of sugar

four chicken eggs


Eggs separate the yolks from the whites and whip them with sugar and vanilla. A thin stream of lead boiled milk without ceasing to stir, otherwise the yolks will curdle, and you ruin the dish.

Again so spill the mixture into the pan, bring to the boil and boil until the ice cream thickens. Then pour made homemade ice cream for a La carte dishes and put in the freezer.

Bring to the table in its purest form, with petals mint or Melissa, syrup. Just to vary the taste made ice cream from the milk will help cocoa, cinnamon, grated chocolate sprinkled on top.

Optionally, in the cooking process can add a small amount of berries and fruit and will receive a new ice cream with fruit filling.

If you follow a diet and trying to lose weight, you have to make diet ice cream . which is not less tasty than usual, but it is much more useful.

How to make yogurt diet ice cream

You will need:

one Cup of strawberries or any other fruit

two hundred grams of low-fat yogurt with no fillers

two teaspoons of raspberry

two drops of lemon juice

one chicken egg

two tablespoons of honey

Separate the protein from the yolk and blend thoroughly. In the bowl of a blender grind the berries, introducing yogurt, lemon juice, honey. Last add beaten egg white, again a good blend and put in the freezer for not less than three hours.

Bring to the table, and made dairy ice cream at home . put in cream and sprinkle with grated dark chocolate, cocoa, or just decorate with mint leaves.

Calorie made such diet ice cream is only sixty calories.

If you want to get even lower-calorie dish, prepare any fruit sorbet and freeze it.

Recipe diet fruit Leda

So you can take:

five lemons (oranges and any other citrus fruit)

a pint of water

four tablespoons fructose

Boil some water and squirt it fructose. After complete dissolution fill the zest of five lemons and provari about five minutes. Before you turn off the mixture, add the juice of five fruits and pour the sorbet forms.

Put in the freezer for a few hours and then will be able to enjoy the taste of natural home-made fruit ice. Can use normal ice moulds, and after freezing, just put on a few slices per serving.

Calorie this meal will be about eighty calories per hundred grams.


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