Coffee liqueur at home

Recipes coffee liqueur Kahlua (Kahlua)

Coffee liqueur Kahlua to the world famous since 1936. Today it is the most popular alcoholic coffee drink in the world, not so much due to the unique technology of production, but the skillful masters of the craft of bartending. Probably Mexican liqueur would have remained in oblivion, if great bartenders did not create cocktails White Russian. as well as the legendary shot B-52.

Kahlua liquor is not strong, only 20%, for Ohio state made version with 21.5% strength (this is the only state allowed to sell more hard liquor). To date, the Mexican company produces several types of Kahlua: traditional, Kahlúa Especial (strong — with an alcohol content of 36 %), vanilla and

chocolate Kahlúa Mocha, vanilla Kahlúa French Vanilla, Kahlúa hazelnut Hazelnut and Kahlúa Ready-to-Drink ready-made cocktails (12.5% alcohol).

Popular bar industry in coffee liquor made of sugar cane and sugar alcohol, coffee Arabica beans, vanilla and caramel. In principle, the recipe coffee liqueur is quite simple, not difficult Limoncello. so today we will cook it at home. By the way, a double Kahlua liqueur is the Jamaican liqueur TIA Maria (Tia Maria), which is prepared on the basis of local spices, Jamaican rum 5 year old and elite varieties of Arabica Blue Mountain (incidentally, he is one of the most expensive in the world). But “Aunt Mary” is less viscous and more strong.

Recipes Kahlua coffee liqueur

In Runet often you can find the recipe for coffee liqueur with the addition of milk, including evaporated, and it’s not quite right. Milk is added in low quality substitutes coffee liqueurs – it masks the taste of Robusta and alcohol low quality. We don’t need milk.

The simplest recipe coffee liqueur

We will need:

350 g brown sugar;

240 g white sugar;

470 ml of water;

120 g of instant coffee;

700 ml vodka;

½ Vanilla bean, split into two parts, or 2 tsp vanilla extract.


Pour sugar into water and bring to a boil, cook for 5 minutes stirring constantly until sugar is dissolved. Reduce heat and add coffee, stir until until completely dissolved coffee. To remove coffee syrup from heat and cool to room temperature, add vanilla and pour over the vodka. Put a container of liquor in a cool dark place for 2-4 weeks. Then remove from the precipitate, filter and drink with pleasure. If you used vanilla extract, coffee liqueur home production it is possible to try to drink immediately.

*/Recipe vanilla extract/

Vanilla extract is used mainly in cooking, but it’s also good for homemade liqueurs. Traditionally, it has fortress 35%. To make at home its very simple.

Extract, you can substitute vanilla sugar instead of 1 tsp vanilla extract enough to take 10-15 grams of vanilla sugar, but the extract is preferable.

You need to take 250 ml of high-quality vodka and 8 vanilla pods (25 grams). Vanilla need to cut into two pieces lengthwise, separate the beans (grain), throw them in a clean glass container (preferably dark glass), the pods need to grind on a small plate of 2 cm and also add in a jar. Pour the vanilla vodka, cork tightly and send it to infuse in a dark place for 30 days. The first week extract you need every day to shake the other three 2-3 times a week.

To use the extract can after 30 days of infusing, but he fully aged 6 months – after this period it can strain and temperature from 5 to 10 years (with time extract will only get better). Mistakenly believe that the alcohol in the vanilla extract works better – 35% solution pulls 10% essential oils of vanilla more than a clean 96-procentry alcohol.

Another recipe for homemade coffee liqueur

750 ml of 50% vodka (diluted alcohol);

700 g of sugar;

240 ml of water;

2 tablespoons instant coffee;

1 vanilla pod (4 tsp of extract).


Sugar and coffee pour water and keep on low heat, stirring constantly, until dissolved. Cool coffee syrup, add vodka and mix well. In a 2 liter bottle to put the vanilla pod and pour our coffee-vodka solution. Removed to a dark place for 30 days, preferably every day to shake that sugar and coffee are completely dissolved. A month later be decanted from the sediment and filtered.

The best recipe Kahlua

1400 g of sugar;

1400 ml of water;

20 tsp instant coffee;

1.9 liters of vodka;

12 tsp vanilla extract.


Sugar and coffee, add water, bring to a slow boil. On low heat to keep the syrup for 1 hour. Remove from heat, cover the container, in which the cooked syrup, polyethylene film (can food) and let the syrup infuse for 12 hours. Then add in the syrup, vodka and vanilla, mix well and pour into dark bottles.

Note to the recipe . leaves 3 litres of finished drink. Drinking it immediately, be stored for long periods is not recommended, so it makes sense to lay only half of the ingredients.

All vodka recipes, you can substitute rum, best Jamaica, then the output will liquor, more like TIA Maria.

Liqueur coffee with an espresso (Espresso Infused Vodka)

500 ml of 50% vodka (diluted alcohol);

250 ml espresso coffee machines/coffee makers;

450 g of sugar;

1 vanilla pod (4 tsp of extract).


Espresso put on fire and dissolve in it the sugar. Cool the syrup to room temperature. Add in the syrup, vodka, vanilla and infuse the drink 6 days in a dark place, a couple of times a day mixing. Filtered through a cotton or paper (coffee) filter and bottling. This option coffee liqueur every day gets better, so do not hurry to drink it immediately, but give a little to stand.

As you can see, to prepare coffee liqueur at home is not so difficult, the output turns out great tasting drink that can be drunk in its pure form with or without ice and in cocktails. Bon appetit!

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