Green tea benefits and bred


Green tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. And if you hear as the Chinese say about tea, then you know that they have in mind is green tea of different varieties.

Green tea is processed in such a way as to preserve the natural nutrients found in fresh leaves.

Green tea leaves are collected, further podvjalivajutsja outdoors, and after they begin to wither, the leaves are dried with hot air. They are fermented. After which they are twisted, that is an indicator of the various characteristics for each individual grade.

Green teas are divided by size of the leaves into two categories: leaf and broken (cut). Further complexity distinguish them on the torsion leaves.

There subscreen teas. They are close to natural and leaves almost no curl. They look like regular grass, but much whiter. They are twisted along the axis of the tube and across the axis of the leaves in the form of a pea or small ball-like pellets. Often, the leaves are tapered. All these varieties differ and aroma, and taste.

Green tea is made the briquettes are pressed from various tea leaves from branches, leaves and small crumbs, and extruded outwardly resembles a tea brick or tile is dark and light olive colors.

In green tea contains various chemicals. It contains over 500 items, including calcium, magnesium, fluorine, phosphorus and so on, more than 450 kinds of fats and proteins and almost all vitamins.

Also, green tea is good, thanks contained in the caffeine, minerals and catechins – great antioxidants.

Green tea – perhaps a universal product. A wide range of nutrients contained in it is direct proof of that.

Green tea is an excellent diaphoretic. It is recommended to drink at an elevated temperature, fever, infections.

Green tea . also, it helps people suffering from diseases of the kidneys and urinary system.

Besides, this is a great remedy for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and digestion in General. Useful green tea for colon, gall bladder, liver and pancreas.

Green tea — traditional and favorite drink of the people of Central Asia. Use they, as a rule, before eating, believing that he is able to restore intestinal flora.

In addition, green tea helps to improve memory, increase alertness, to cheer, to relieve fatigue and drowsiness, to normalize metabolism in the body and strengthen the nervous system, and also, to get out of depression.

No less useful green tea and vascular activity. Its beneficial properties help to reduce the likelihood of atherosclerosis, improve the elasticity of arteries, prevent the appearance of plaques, increase capillaries.

Women will be useful every day in the morning and evening to wash brewed green tea . Also, brewed green tea can be frozen in cubes of ice tea and RUB their neck and face. It will help tone and purify the skin, and also, get rid of the undesirable lesions.

Also, green tea will help to take care of the oral cavity, to reduce the likelihood of tooth decay and gum inflammation. No less useful it is in moderation and pregnant women.

Despite their positive properties, green tea can carry, also, and harm.

So, for example, it is contraindicated for people suffering from nervous exhaustion. The caffeine in it that can excite the nervous system that can cause insomnia and wanton wasting of such people.

Not recommended to consume green tea and bedtime and the rest of the people, as there is a risk of sleep disturbances.

Also, tea is contraindicated for people suffering from tachycardia and increased excitability.

Negative properties of green tea can feel and people suffering from pressure. As a rule, he is able to reduce pressure, therefore, hypotensive and hypertensive patients suffering from high blood pressure in the acute form, it is best to abandon its use.

Harmful he, also, in chronic diseases, for example, ulcers. In this disease the consumption of green tea can increase the acidity of gastric juice.

In order to avoid adverse effects of green tea and fully enjoy its beneficial and healing properties, you should follow some tips:

You should not drink green tea on an empty stomach. Otherwise, he will whet the mucous membrane of the stomach and he begins to digest itself”;

Also, you should not drink green tea on any medications. Harm no will, but the tea out of the body chemicals, thereby reducing the effectiveness of medication.

Be healthy!

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