White tea is a little known but very useful


White tea is the squeak of culinary fashion and a new facility for research on the usefulness. In China all the advantages of the beverage have been known since the Ming dynasty (fourteenth century). In Europe and the USA, white tea has penetrated recently. In our latitudes, about the white tea heard, not all, but fans of his thin, gorgeous aroma and taste is already done.

The benefits of white tea:

White tea undergoes less processing than black and green, therefore, contains more polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant. According to scientific studies, it is good for the prevention of cancer, namely colon cancer. Strengthens the immune system. Has antibacterial action. White tea is rich in fluoride, which helps to prevent Tartar and caries. Destroys fat cells. According to American researchers, white tea is an ideal natural source of slimming substances.

Packs of white tea protects the skin from harmful UV rays

Regular consumption of white tea reduces the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

Elastin in the white tea prevents premature appearance of wrinkles, gives skin a smooth, supple appearance.

Acts as a detoxification tool: cleans the body of toxins.

The harm of white tea:

To date, scientists have not identified the harmful qualities of this unique beverage. Connoisseurs of tea ceremonies is not recommended to start drinking white tea, if you are in a bad mood. By the way, if you brew this tea correctly, consider that costly product you messed up. Steep soft boiled water 60-85 º C in a glass, ceramic or porcelain teapot. If the tea party is involved only one person, take no more than 5 g of tea in 150 ml of water.

White tea — kind of tea that undergoes a weak fermentation. It got its name because is covered with a white pile of tea buds. It is produced mainly in the mountains of China’s Fujian province at the height of 1000-2200 meters.

The main types of white tea:

Bai Hao Yin Zhen (white silver needle”), high-quality tea consists of whole kidney shaped needles

Bimodal (Pai Mu Tan, white peony”), high-quality tea consists of white buds and leaves of various degrees of fermentation. Has an uneven color.

Show Mei (“eyebrow of the elder”), a simple form of white tea, is composed almost exclusively non-integral leaf.

Gong Mei (“gift”), a simple form of white tea is mostly only of non-integral type leaves.

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