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Uzbek national cuisine is characterized by the extensive use of meat. Traditionally the Uzbeks prefer mutton, beef consume rarely, horse meat for cooking some foods (cooked sausages, etc.), even less. Fish is little used, mainly the population living in coastal areas.

The characteristic feature of modern Uzbek national dishes – use for cooking a variety of vegetables: carrots, pumpkins, potatoes, tomatoes, turnips, etc. Although potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, eggplant began to be cultivated in Uzbekistan since the end of the XIX century, now in the Republic of these vegetables are grown and eaten everywhere. Wide application in Uzbek cuisine found various herbs, both cultivated and wild.

Such spices as coriander, mint, Basil, red pepper and others are added to foods in considerable doses.

The larger portion of Uzbek dishes are flour and grain. A significant number of foods made from flour, diverse and slozhnoprofilnyh, testifies to the deep traditions of this original cuisine.

For the flour, widespread noodles, which are used for cooking and first and second courses. The noodles cook in the soup (Keskin-Osh, suyuk-Osh) with a dressing of sour milk and well melted butter; put in the soup dried dill. Two similar dishes – Naryn and Laghman are a variety of pulled noodles with seasoning. For the first of them, the noodles are cut from boiled in water or meat broth slices of thinly rolled dough, then noodles seasoned boiled meat and pour the broth. Characteristically, the Naryn was once considered a dish for the guests of honor. In Tashkent, for example, it was served usually in those cases when only men gathered.

Lagman boiled in water long noodles. It is filled with meat sauce with lots of vegetables.

Extremely popular in the Republic of different types of dumplings. Small dumplings with minced meat and onions (chuchvara) boiled in water, and big – manti – steamed in special grids – kaskans.

Uzbek cuisine is very typical also different patties (somsa). They are often cooked with meat, which is finely chopped, mixed with plenty of chopped onions and heavily peppered. Very common pies with pumpkin, heavily spiced with pepper.

Among other national dishes occupy a prominent position all kinds of soups and cereals: rice soup – Mustafa, soup from Masha (born legumes) – mashura, etc. Everywhere eat thick porridge of rice with meat Shavla from Masha – Mastichari, and rice porridge with milk – Shire-gurus.

The pride of the Uzbek national cuisine – plov. It is made in all cafeterias and restaurants. Cooking beloved Uzbek cuisine is most often performed by men.

Pilaf made of rice, and some rice with wave (for example, in Bukhara) in combination with meat, onions and yellow carrots. Put a lot of fat – plant or animal (lamb fat).

A drink in Uzbekistan – black and green tea. It is drunk everywhere. Green tea, or as it is called, “Kok Chai”, as used generally, without sweets, quenches thirst in the summer heat.

Climatic conditions and way of life of the Uzbeks led to the creation of a certain diet. The main meal, when cooked and served the most high-calorie meals, on the evening – time, when in the summer months, daily subsides, the fever and when working back home. Breakfast is often limited to tea, which is sometimes served with cream or foams, taken with boiled milk. During the day only slightly snack: tea with bread, summer eating fruit, tomato salad.

It should be emphasized that the Uzbeks kept extremely respectful attitude to bread. Children are taught from an early age to pick up every fallen earth chips, “the bread was not defiled”. The house bread is kept in the front, the honourable part of the room. To break eating the bread (tortillas cut) – the duty and the right of the eldest in the family.

The Uzbeks are very appreciated ability beautiful, tastefully served on a tablecloth meal. In the new customs combines modern cultural skills and traditional etiquette. For example, writing served on plates for everyone individually. Before eating and after eating be sure to wash your hands. During the reception, the guests participants of the meal carried water for washing hands.

Note . In some of the following recipes of herbs and spices is not specified. Norms bookmark them on the dish the following: green 8 grams, mint 5 g, 0.2 g cinnamon, cloves 0.1 g, pepper 0.1 g, 0.1 g of ginger, saffron 0.01 g. First and second courses when serving sprinkle with parsley, dill, cilantro.


In Uzbek cuisine soups cooked with meat, bone, and in some places (Khorezm, Karakalpakstan) – fish broth. Widespread also soups, seasoned with fresh or sour milk.

Soup cooked with rice, millet groats, wave, beans, peas, sorghum, with different varieties of pumpkins.

Favorite soups Uzbeks are shurpa and mastava. Technology of preparation mastava similar to the technology of cooking pilaf, and therefore the people of this dish calls “liquid pilaf”. Mastaba, like many other soups, prepared not only for lunch and dinner, and sometimes Breakfast.

Depending on the method of cooking the soups are divided into made from pre-roasted meat (mastava, kaurma-shurpa, etc.) and raw meat (shurpa-shepherd, Naryn, etc.). Preparation of products for all sorts of different soups. For soups with fried meat and vegetables cut into small pieces for soups without frying the meat lay in large chunks. To give the soup more spicy taste, fry the meat in addition to spices even seasoned tomatoes, bell peppers, tomatoes, and soups without frying sour milk.

All soups, except milk, seasoned with sugar or freshly ground black or red pepper. Greens are widely used cilantro, dill, Rayhan, and Bay leaf.

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