How to prepare ginger tea Colds no!

Ginger tea for colds

I don’t know about You, but we in Belarus (at least in the North) came first-class autumn. Flushing in the dormitory have not yet begun (and will?) because whichever way you turn, everywhere a cold, runny nose and cough. Straight horror movie of some kind.

No, well actually not so creepy and scary. I just, as an avid lover of heat and at the same time an ardent hater of cold weather and dampness, a little exaggerate. But nevertheless, the situation should be familiar to You: all run to the store for drops, reach for handkerchiefs and in such a shape as they walk the streets. Zombiland, not otherwise

So what do we have? Oh, and to the fact that with the onset of autumn, we must be prepared. And one of the most effective tools in this war is ginger, which today will be discussed.

Want to know what is the use of ginger? And get acquainted with the most simple recipe of ginger tea want? Well, you are welcome to read this article. Sit back, here we go.

What is the benefit of ginger?

If you were careful, You must remember that I mentioned the ginger and even advised to add it to the warm milk. Well, okay, if you don’t remember, it’s nothing Much time has passed, I have forgotten already. If interested, just read this article about the benefits of milk with spices (and even if not interested, too).

The simplest question “what is the benefit of ginger?” you can give at least a simple answer. Primarily useful for its essential oil, which has antibacterial effect and the vapors of which are capable of destroying harmful microorganisms. Oil is, You guessed it, contained in the core. Also in the composition of ginger include vitamin a, B vitamins, amino acids and a sufficient amount of minerals (magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, potassium). And what about ginger tea, which includes more and a sufficient amount of vitamin C?

All this together, and let our esteemed root has earned a reputation as one of the best tools in the fight against colds.

In addition, ginger:

Improves blood circulation and thus stimulates brain activity. Cleanses the body, ridding it of food, chemicals and even radiation toxins. Helps our digestion by stimulating the secretion of gastric juice. Used to combat sea sickness and helps with nausea (to reduce the sensitivity to motion sickness should chew the raw root). And, of course, actively fighting a cold.

How to prepare ginger tea or how I do it

Per Cup of boiling water, I add one slice of lemon, a little ground ginger (tip of a teaspoon) and honey. Just remember that honey is not desirable to add in water hotter than 40 degrees (because in this case it loses most of its beneficial properties). Therefore at first we just add in hot water with a slice of lemon and a little ground ginger, and when the drink is more or less to cool, sweeten it with honey.

Such a simple ginger tea for a few minutes will warm Your body, “pierce” the nose and will allow you to forget about all the symptoms of a cold.

There is also a slightly more complex recipe for which you’ll need fresh ginger root (to be honest, I haven’t tried). Tea You need to erase the root grater, add the honey, a little lemon juice. The whole thing pour boiling water and leave to stand, covered for 15-20 minutes. All your ginger tea is ready!


Here’s a short article we have planned for today. Not ill, dear readers! Good luck and all the best!


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