How to cook strawberry smuzi

In a week or two strawberries will be available berry and you can buy her a lot and often, and thus will not be superfluous to indulge in something delicious. Smoothie and milkshake are not one and the same. In smoothies — it’s a fruit drink, which is dominated by berries in the drink also is dominated by dairy products and certainly added ice cream. Prepare smoothies from different cold components, adding milk, yogurt, cream, fruit juices and purees. However, the technology of preparation is almost identical. Usually in a smoothie for one cooking take 75% of the berries or fruit of one species, usually strawberries or bananas and 25% liquid with sugar or without, and ice. The first of the drinks, which we now so-called, appeared about 85 years ago in California, but the promotion came only in

the 60-ies of the last century. It is not known where the name «smoothies», but the drink is very tasty and useful, no wonder it is often included in diet menu losing weight ladies. By the way, I have published before the recipe chocolate-banana milkshake. which could be called a smoothie.

Step by step solution

So, what do I needed for a strawberry smoothie. Most importantly — it’s the strawberry. Better to take frozen or freeze specifically. Fresh can also use, but then have to add any ice cubes, or cubes of frozen milk. The ice in this case plays the role of a dense filler. The second thing I want — a blender. Third place goes to the milk, and cream to pamper yourself. And in last place sugar replaced honey, syrup, jam, condensed milk or even excluded from the formulation. All by your request.

Strawberries poured into the bowl for whipping, filling to 2/3 capacity, sprinkled with sugar in any quantity.

Next, fill the empty place of the milk, leaving room for the blender. Do not pour too much to smoothies did not have to collect from the walls and ceilings.

The blender I have a submersible that runs from the pressed button. Her need to keep. If you have a different blender, for example, with cover — fine.

Whisk starting from the top, gradually berries are grinded blender and plunges deeper.

After 20-30 seconds, the surface appears milk foam. If you find that the smoothie is not thick enough, drop a cube or two of ice.

And in a minute smoothie is ready. If you feel that it is too thick, dilute with a little milk. Remember, however, that if the weather outside is above zero and the room is hot, smoothies will quickly melt away. Very similar to soft strawberry ice cream in 5 minutes .

Serve immediately after cooking, do not store in refrigerator or freezer. Garnish with slices of berries, and a Cup insert tubes.

Prepare smoothies and juice fasting, excluding the milk. How and what products to prepare smoothies for myself — decide for yourself. Recipes on the Internet a lot. Find your own, which will appeal to and prepare, don’t forget to snap a photo to share experiences and tell what you liked and what not.

Very tasty it turns out, if to make smoothie with fresh bananas and kiwi, adding cream 10% and 6-8 ice cubes on a 400 gram capacity.

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